Delhi Gwalior Andhra Road Lines (DGARL) is strong network in Transport. DGARL stuated in 1982 and current running on hight level. DGARL has sistern concern company is Rohtak Assam Carrier situated in Karnal (haryana). DGARL has 15 team members in New Delhi office and 20 team members in Karnal office. we have well trained and educated person ready to work 24x7. We have 200 attach lores. DGARL has many customer. Good transport with good service provide our moto. Our service is high level but our rate is very low level. Today in this compition era every business man want to good service and cheap rate for his business, so we are only in New Delhi provide such services and rates.

Our Customer

Our customer friendly online portal will provide our customers with myriad of truck delivery provider's options. Our customers will have the facility to choose service provider based on cost comparison and the route details of the delivery.

Truck Delivery

Truck delivery providers can register on our website with details of service they provide. They can collaborate with sister branches at different locations and other service providers to have a close knit network.

Trucks Registered

All the trucks registered at Future Trucks will have a profile showing customer reviews, service quality, operating routes, etc.


Customers can also drop in a detailed description of their requirements so to get the desired service. and We at Future Trucks will also provide insurance for freight and delivery goods as per the demands from customer's end.

Contact Us

CW-224 (S.F),Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar ,Delhi-110042
Call: 9350001120 & Email: info.dgarl@gmail.com


Improves Productivity

Right from the start the company was driven by a passion to diversify to various sectors so as to cater to customer demands. A need was felt to offer all inclusive logistics solutions in the market. An approach was required that would not only serve present needs but also have sufficient provisions for future changes and expectations.

Excellence of Service

Our approach to cargo transportation involves treating your belongings like our own child. We have optimised and streamlined our supply chain management to provide for real time tracking and monitoring of parameters like packing, dunn ages, leak proofing, anti-pilferage devices, etc.

Our Vision

Led by a dynamic leadership, managed by expert industry managers and backed by untiring efforts of its employees, DGARL group kept building on its strengths to reach a goal of multiple companies each of which have been growing in numbers and volumes.

Our Vision

After having followed a step by step development process, today the group is able to successfully complement its core logistics services with well managed allied services.

DGARL is a fast growing company.

We have well maintaned truck and good condition. DGARL services such as
1) open body 19 feet canter.
2) 10 tyres- 16, 17 tones tores.
3) 12 tyres - 20 tones tores.
4) 10 tyres- 15, 16 tones tores.
5) booking agents
6) truck suppliers.

Daily Services -

*Delhi NCR to Andhra, odisha, tamilnadu, Maharastra, Karnatka and all over of India.

National Network:

A well planned and reliable network is the very backbone of logistics services. Hence, we have left no stone unturned in ensuring that we have an extensive network that never fails. Today we cover a large part of the country through our very own network. It is our ambition to expand our services to cover every nook and corner of the country.

T&C -

We are not responsible for any leakage and breakage. fire accident, beopary is responsible for legal goods and octri subject to Delhi Justicle.


DGARL committed to provide proficient and cost effective multimodal logistics solutions to entire trade and industry market through our experienced and highly motivated team of professionals. Our aim is to achieve absolute customer satisfaction by continuously improving our service levels and ensuring total compliance of quality management system.